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I just wanted to say thanks so much for today. Otis absolutely loved it and said he never wants to miss another session! He's really proud of what he created as well.  Do put me on your mailing list if there's such a thing as I'd love to book him in for future holiday sessions.



The twins loved the art workshop today. Ralph has not stopped enthusing about it. If there are spaces on Thursday, they would love to come back.  


Thank you for giving them a wonderful day with beautiful pictures.


Eleanor x


Hello just wanted to say a big thank you for such wonderful teaching and inspiration for Rudi Luke and Rosa. Amazing! Helen


Thank you for today. Sam loved it, and I’m really impressed by his pictures. You must be an inspirational teacher. Let me know when you run another class. I’m sure he would love to come again. Sian.


Fabulous Thank you so much


Friday mornings are the highlight of our week!


We just love Fridays


Thank you so much, Maddy, for a wonderful workshop! My daughter loved it, and it was such a joy to spend time in your beautiful studio. Looking forward to coming again in the future!


What an amazing session, my two were buzzing..they’re so proud of their work, thank you for another lovely morning can’t wait til the next one. Nicola


Milo had a great day with you, love his Fox, thank you maddy 


I love doing work at your classes and seeing your art, Rory 10


I love it very very much I will come as soon as I can,and thanks for what you taught me Rowan 


I Loved it very much and want to come again love Anousha. ps thanks x


I like this art class in every good way it’s amazing and artistic

from Kyon


(Feedback on the childrens work during lewes Artwave)

You reached for the stars and caught one, catch more. Inspirational


What amazing artwork! Such high Quality


This artwork is so special if it was for sale I would be a definate buyer. You must have a brilliant teacher. Keep up the good work!


Hi there, your work is simply fantastic - Risehka (artist)


To ALL the wildlife artists, these are some of the most interesting  and expressive works I’ve ever seen for this subject. Very well done, Joe Bolan- Seaford


Amazing work! You’re bringing something wonderful out in your teaching. Fabulous.


These Folders are my favourite bit of Artwave so far! Please make some prints for 2017!


My name’s Helen, and I am amazed by how good your pictures are. There is a lot of feeling in them Thank you keep drawing.


Beautiful work so colourful and wonderful, Julie from Manchester

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