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Tiger and Moth Candles

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

When seeking to combine my passions, and create a meaningful business

combining my work as an artist and printmaker with my love of nature, and my desire to give spaces a feeling of magic, warmth, creativity and comfort. Tiger and Moth came to light.

Tiger and Moth is a celebration of pattern and light.

The Tiger for me, has always been a constant source of inspiration, a symbol of great beauty and wildness, dangerous yet sublimely decorative and illuminating in its vividness. In turn reflecting the process of relief printmaking and the glow of light.

Enjoying the slight imperfections in each print as a handmade surface, it becomes organic and is physical in nature.

In comparison the gentle and beautifully patterned moth being ever entranced to light with its fluttering fragility in the air.

'Tiger Tiger burning bright in the forests of the night’ William Blake

The lighting of a candle is an ancient tradition, from bringing in the light, marking an occasion to honouring a life.

A simple yet significant act of hope and light.

The candle can transform a space from ordinary to magical and imbue a feeling of wellness and ritual.

In a life were we can seem to be forever in a rush, to stop and light a candle is to insert a punctuation mark. It can be a time to reflect or set joyful intentions, to appreciate the space we are in, honouring our space or home.

Tiger and Moth candles are made with 100 % natural eco soy wax and quality essential oils, vegan, cruelty free no synthetics or chemicals. Made in small batches and poured in re usable amber glass apothecary jars, which emit a beautiful glow when lit. They come packaged in a smart black box with a hand block printed tiger design, and a golden moth on the jar.

All packaging is recyclable and reusable.

Created in my studio workshop in rural Sussex at the foot of the South downs.

A percentage of my profits go to Save the Tiger.

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