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About Me


Through my art I'm seeking authentic expression of my connection with the natural world and the stories that run deep through the land.

Intending to express feeling and atmosphere whilst exploring the substance and flow of the materials I am using.


In a world which is challenging, I am purposely letting myself visit what I imagine and revere.

If art is human expression what more to celebrate the energy of all that we come from; stars, earth, animals, plants and hidden stories of the tales we live and weave.

From the point of view that the natural world is the source, and the interplay of that is wildness, as well as beauty and a sense of playfulness


With degrees in Illustration, Narrative illustration and design, I still relish a degree of story telling within my work.

Originally an illustrator within the publishing industry, my practice has evolved to printmaking and fine art, allowing for more depth and reflection. 

I seek to capture flow and movement, allowing the line on its expressive journey. Certain motives that are meaningful to me repeat within my work. I often use a limited colour palette, the focus on the marks and textures applied to the paper holding sufficient energy. Black ink showing a graphic and powerful surface and subtle variations in tone. I work across varied mediums depending on what feels appropriate.



My passion for inspiring, mentoring, and facilitating others, both young and old, has also become a valued part of my practice and the richness of witnessing others creative process is a privilege which I would not now be without. 

I teach regularly from my garden studio but have also taught in schools, family festivals, hospices and arts festivals.


My website offers a selection of what I do, my artwork and shop.

There is information on each page but of course email me if you would like to make an enquiry, be it about purchasing work, licensing or workshops.

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