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About Me

My art work takes various forms, and I love it that way. Creativity is a drive, a state of mind and spills into all areas of my life.


I originally trained as an illustrator (East Anglia Ruskin in Illustration then a postgraduate in sequential illustration and design, Brighton) I worked for many years within the industry in books and editorial publishing. 

Having had the pleasure of my work being published in many forms I was ready for the next adventure.I moved over to pursue my love of printmaking, not consisting of commissioned briefs, which although often fun and creatively challenging could also be a bit restrictive. 

Making artworks with subject matter that were meaningful to me, experimenting with printmaking techniques, mark marking and colour was where I wanted to be. I exhibit and sell my work, sometimes licensing it for print.

Whilst raising a young family and less time to visit the print studios I needed for silkscreen and etching, I started collage prints, where I could treat surfaces on a smaller scale using a broad variety of experimental print techniques, before compiling into hybrid print collage. This is the way I have chosen to work a lot now.


Making a beautiful environment, the space in which we inhabit, a garden, an intention, as well as works on paper and fabric, is an important part of the creative process for me too, hence Tiger and Moth developing along side my other art in which I can create some individual and decorative pieces for spaces.


Last but not least, My passion for inspiring and mentoring, facilitating and encouraging others, both young and old, has become a valued part of my practice and the richness of witnessing others creative process is a privilege which I would not now be without. 

I teach regularly from my garden studio but have also taught in schools, family festivals, hospices and arts festivals.


My website offers a selection of what I do, my artwork and shop, and my  teaching and workshops. The news section shows current projects and thoughts


There is information on each page and of course email me if you would like to make an enquiry, be it purchasing work, licensing or about my workshops.


My work follows my interests: nature, folklore, animals and birds, travel, world textiles, architecture and art in the landscape…


I am drawn to bold yet organic pattern within the my images and can delight just in form and the dynamics between it and within it. A limited colour palette and the focus on the marks and textures applied to the paper can hold sufficient energy in itself to not require more. Black ink can have a graphic and powerful surface and patination. 

I can enjoy the lack of constraint of a figurative image, the freedom of playing with shape, scale and texture and allowing a looser interpretation of the work.


Yet also, the quickening heartbeat with which I love the natural world and the joy of depicting animals and nature in truth, has always been closest to my heart and my desire to capture it, share in it in some way.

Nothing for me can ever really touch the endless and complex design of nature. 


The boldness or energy in a line, excites me and printmaking and drawing seem to enable this process and complement each other. I tend to enjoy adding colour in bold blocks, to enable the richness of the colour whilst still allowing the line its journey. I am also keen to incorporate movement within my art and am working on some animated projects

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